House with land for sale in Paraguay #159

immo paraguay
Imposing Villa with Land of 5 Hectares very well maintained for sale in Paraguay. 
This property will enchant you with its exotic garden and fruit trees as well as its house with large volumes.

Geographical situation :

This property has a surface of 5 hectares and is totally fenced with Quebracho Colorado pillars (exotic rot-proof wood).

House with land for sale in Paraguay

This estate is divided into several parts:

  • Area of fruit plantations
  • Recreational area
  • Cottage (charming guest house)
  • Main villa
  • Livestock area
  • Forest area

Plantation area :

  • Cultivation of corn, manioc …
  • Banana forest
  • Eucalyptus
  • Citrus : grapefruit, tangerine, lemon, orange, zebra lemon …
  • Numerous fruit trees: Jaboticaba of Brazil, mango, coconut, medlar, guava, grape, fig
  • Many trees: frangipani, brugmansia, bamboo …

Recreational area :

  • Hammock and Quincho area :
    • Rest area: Hammock, tables, seats in the shade of trees
    • Large Quincho (10m) straw roof and wooden structure
    • Barbecue and convenience
    • Electricity
    • Sanitary block

Charming cottage :

  • 64 m² with balcony terrace
  • Straw roof
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • 2 bedrooms with air conditioning
  • Windows with mosquito net

Main Villa :

  • Large house of 625m² with terrace of which 325m² is habitable
    • Spacious dining room open to the outside (66m²) with wood stove
    • Large equipped kitchen (30m²) with air conditioning
    • 3 bedrooms with air conditioning
    • 2 Rooms with openings on the outside (possibility of additional rooms)
    • Bathroom
    • WC
    • Spiral staircase: which gives access to a magnificent Mirador (roof top!!! ) with the possibility of arranging an external spa with sight on stars!!!
    • Large shaded terrace
    • Outdoor kitchen
    • Tatakua (traditional Paraguayan outdoor oven)
    • Above ground vegetable garden

Livestock area :

  • Important natural water source (always in water)
  • 6 ponds with fish
  • Large hen house (recent and clean) of 190m² that can contain 1,500 laying hens
  • Backyard : ducks, geese, rabbits, pigs…
  • Small house for the staff or to be used as a warehouse

Forest Zone :

  • River in limit of property
  • Forest
  • Field

Electricity and water connection

  • Private water tower 20.000 L : 120 meters deep.
  • Private electric transformer : 25 Kwa
  • All the property has exterior lighting

Investment : Gs 394.000 Euros

Exchange rate : 1 euro = 7.820 Gs

Land 3 Hectares with Houses for sale in Paraguay #154

Beautiful and well maintained property for sale in  Paraguay. It includes all the comforts you want and even what you would not have thought !!! Also, you will be able to relax on the white sand beach which borders a beautiful river. You will be in the ideal conditions to appreciate the nature which is preserved there and the proximity of the city.  

This property is located

  • on the edge of a paved road and is completely fenced in
  • 16 Km from Acahay
  • 11 Km from La Colmena
Land with houses for sale in Paraguay

This estate consists of :

  • 1 Hectares of living area :
    • 2 recent Houses
    • Equipped mechanical workshop
    • Garage with KUBOTA tractor
    • with many endemic trees and fruit trees (tangerine, lemons, yellow lemons, guavas, avocados, mangoes, grapefruit …)
  • 2 Hectares of forest and fields bordered by a beautiful river always in water

Living area :

Main house of 200m² with terrace

  • Air conditioning
  • Windows with mosquito nets
  • Modern wood stove
  • Large living room with fully equipped kitchen (marble worktop)
  • Bathroom
  • 3 bedrooms
  • Ventilator
  • Large laundry room
  • Septic tank
  • Natural well (6 m deep)
  • Various exterior water points

Guest house or secondary house of 70m² with terrace

  • Large equipped kitchen (marble worktop) with dining room
  • Modern wood stove
  • Laundry room (including washing machine and dryer)
  • Storage room
  • Large air-conditioned bedroom with bathroom
  • Septic tank
  • Various exterior water points

Infrastructure Workshop :

  • Large equipped workshop of 30m²
  • Container 12 meters
  • Vehicle maintenance pit (oil change) + hoist (lifting device)
  • Garage with KUBOTA tractor (with original spare parts)

Other infrastructures :

  • Large fenced kennel with large kennel
  • Above ground vegetable garden
  • Compost
  • Garden incinerator
  • Infrastructure for water pump with filtration and water tank (1 high tank of 1.000 L and another low tank of 2.000 L)
  • 6 kVA generator
  • WIFI antenna
  • Satellite antenna for German TV
  • Single-phase electrical connection, three-phase possible

Natural area :

  • a part of field
  • a part of forest
  • Big river (water all year round) with sandy beach

Investment : 1.825.000.000 Gs – 230.000 Euros

Exchange rate : 1 euro = 7.900 Gs

Recreation Center for sale in Paraguay

Centro Recreativo en Venta Paraguay

For sale in Paraguay Recreation Center of 8 Hectares

Ideally located in La Colmena in the heart of nature

At this time, this Recreation Center is in activity,

It offers great possibilities of development (animal park, horseback riding, fishing …)

Close to all amenities (hospital, doctors, pharmacies, school, supermarkets … )

Recreation Center for sale in Paraguay

It includes different zones:

Recreational area

  • Large swimming pools
    • Showers
    • Changing rooms
    • Straw umbrella
    • a brand name Jacuzzi pump installation
  • Camping area
  • Restaurant of 25m X 10m
  • Large Quincho de Paja (11 meters in diameter): games area, table soccer, billiards
  • Barbecue area
  • Soccer field
  • Volleyball court

Relaxation area

  • Various places with table and straw umbrella
  • Pedestrian and discovery path
  • Stream
  • Lake for fishing

Bed and Breakfast area: : for a total of about 20 beds

  • 3 “Alpine” type guest houses:
    • 2 small houses: 5 beds, bathroom and air conditioning
    • 1 large house: 8 beds, bathroom and air conditioning
  • Dormitories
    • Common bathroom
    • Common kitchen
    • Air conditioning
  • 1 Big house
    • Kitchen
    • 2 bedrooms
    • Bathroom
    • Air conditioning
  • 1 Wooden chalet on stilts

Investment : Gs 282.000 Euros

Exchange rate : 1 euro = 7.570 Gs

Land of 2 hectares with house for sale in Paraguay


2 Hectares land with house for sale in Paraguay

Located a few minutes from the center of La Colmena

house land for sale Paraguay in La Colmena

Nice Property of 2 Hectares that offers a great potential

This property is totally fenced

Orientation : East

The Property for sale is composed of 2 parts :

  1. A house with a terrace of about 240m² and a large gardin of 1.000m²
  2. Large plot of land of 1.9 Hectares

The House incluses :

  • An area of about 240m²
  • A spacious dining room with air conditioning
  • 2 Bedrooms with air conditioning
  • 2 toilets
  • 1 bathroom with hot shower
  • 1 outdoor kitchen with barbecue
  • Wooden frame : Lapacho
  • Big garden with trees of 1.000m²

The land adjacent to the house includes :

  • An area of 1.9 Hectares
  • Numerous fruit trees : mango, banana,tangerine, lemon, peach, pineapple …
  • River with white sand beach inside the property
  • Swampy area
  • Pure water source

Water connection

Electrical connection, possibility of three-phase connection

Investment : .850.000.000 Gs 116.500 Euros

Exchange rate : 1 euro = 7.300 Gs

For sale Commercial premises and house – Paraguay

En venta Local comercial con vivienda a La Colmena Paraguay

For sale Commercial premises and house in Paraguay

Well located on the edge of the main paved road

Location number 1!!!

Only 1 MINUTE from the center of La Colmena

Easy access

Ideal for investment and real estate or commercial development

Property of 1.7 Hectares fully fenced with large gate

This property has several parts:

1st part: 3 commercial premises:

  • Commercial premises of 30 m² operational: ideal for office, hairdresser …
  • 2 large hangars: ideal for clothing workshops, gastronomic production center, institutes, among others.
    • Hangar 500 m² – work to be continued – missing roof
    • Hangar 200 m² – work to be continued

2nd part : house and large garden

  • Housing of 100 m² (5×20) with terrace
  • Annex under construction : future house
  • Plantation of vines 25x30m
  • Pond of water 18.000 Liters

Water and electricity connection – possibility of three-phase connection

Investment : 3.560.000.000 Gs 497.500 Euros

Exchange rate : 1 euro = 7.160 Gs