Recreation Center for sale in Paraguay

For sale in Paraguay Recreation Center of 8 Hectares

Ideally located in La Colmena in the heart of nature

At this time, this Recreation Center is in activity,

It offers great possibilities of development (animal park, horseback riding, fishing …)

Close to all amenities (hospital, doctors, pharmacies, school, supermarkets … )

Recreation Center for sale in Paraguay

It includes different zones:

Recreational area

  • Large swimming pools
    • Showers
    • Changing rooms
    • Straw umbrella
    • a brand name Jacuzzi pump installation
  • Camping area
  • Restaurant of 25m X 10m
  • Large Quincho de Paja (11 meters in diameter): games area, table soccer, billiards
  • Barbecue area
  • Soccer field
  • Volleyball court

Relaxation area

  • Various places with table and straw umbrella
  • Pedestrian and discovery path
  • Stream
  • Lake for fishing

Bed and Breakfast area: : for a total of about 20 beds

  • 3 “Alpine” type guest houses:
    • 2 small houses: 5 beds, bathroom and air conditioning
    • 1 large house: 8 beds, bathroom and air conditioning
  • Dormitories
    • Common bathroom
    • Common kitchen
    • Air conditioning
  • 1 Big house
    • Kitchen
    • 2 bedrooms
    • Bathroom
    • Air conditioning
  • 1 Wooden chalet on stilts

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Investment : Gs 282.000 Euros

Exchange rate : 1 euro = 7.570 Gs

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