House with land for sale in Paraguay #159

Imposing Villa with Land of 5 Hectares very well maintained for sale in Paraguay. 
This property will enchant you with its exotic garden and fruit trees as well as its house with large volumes.

Geographical situation :

This property has a surface of 5 hectares and is totally fenced with Quebracho Colorado pillars (exotic rot-proof wood).

House with land for sale in Paraguay

This estate is divided into several parts:

  • Area of fruit plantations
  • Recreational area
  • Cottage (charming guest house)
  • Main villa
  • Livestock area
  • Forest area

Plantation area :

  • Cultivation of corn, manioc …
  • Banana forest
  • Eucalyptus
  • Citrus : grapefruit, tangerine, lemon, orange, zebra lemon …
  • Numerous fruit trees: Jaboticaba of Brazil, mango, coconut, medlar, guava, grape, fig
  • Many trees: frangipani, brugmansia, bamboo …

Recreational area :

  • Hammock and Quincho area :
    • Rest area: Hammock, tables, seats in the shade of trees
    • Large Quincho (10m) straw roof and wooden structure
    • Barbecue and convenience
    • Electricity
    • Sanitary block

Charming cottage :

  • 64 m² with balcony terrace
  • Straw roof
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • 2 bedrooms with air conditioning
  • Windows with mosquito net

Main Villa :

  • Large house of 625m² with terrace of which 325m² is habitable
    • Spacious dining room open to the outside (66m²) with wood stove
    • Large equipped kitchen (30m²) with air conditioning
    • 3 bedrooms with air conditioning
    • 2 Rooms with openings on the outside (possibility of additional rooms)
    • Bathroom
    • WC
    • Spiral staircase: which gives access to a magnificent Mirador (roof top!!! ) with the possibility of arranging an external spa with sight on stars!!!
    • Large shaded terrace
    • Outdoor kitchen
    • Tatakua (traditional Paraguayan outdoor oven)
    • Above ground vegetable garden

Livestock area :

  • Important natural water source (always in water)
  • 6 ponds with fish
  • Large hen house (recent and clean) of 190m² that can contain 1,500 laying hens
  • Backyard : ducks, geese, rabbits, pigs…
  • Small house for the staff or to be used as a warehouse

Forest Zone :

  • River in limit of property
  • Forest
  • Field

Electricity and water connection

  • Private water tower 20.000 L : 120 meters deep.
  • Private electric transformer : 25 Kwa
  • All the property has exterior lighting

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Investment : Gs 394.000 Euros

Exchange rate : 1 euro = 7.820 Gs

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