Emigrate to Paraguay

Do you want to change your life?

To earn in Quality of Life?

To live serenely without stress?

What if you moved to Paraguay?!!!

This small country in the heart of Latin America, located between

  • Bolivia,
  • Brazil,
  • Argentina

is one of the happiest countries in the world.

Yes, this is where there are the most positive waves and where you feel good!

The Slogan of Paraguay tells you:

“TĂ©nes que sentirlo”

literally “you must feel it” or “you must feel it”

Paraguay, you must:

  • visit it,
  • find out,
  • live it

and he’s going to adopt you with his arms wide open.

This small country does not have major tourist attractions like its neighbouring countries.

It offers much more:

  • The friendliness of the premises and their warm welcome
  • A sweetness of life
  • Nature: lush flora and fauna are omnipresent
  • A sub-tropical climate where the sun is imposed at least 300 days a year. Pleasant temperatures throughout the year
  • A low cost of living
  • Its geographical location is also an asset because Paraguay is located in the heart of Latin America. Annual growth rate puts it among the best in the world
  • Politics and money are stable
  • Taxation and administrative procedures are simplified

But above all Paraguay is a country where you will be free to live as you please.

So don’t hesitate to get started and invest in Paraguay.

Emigrate to Paraguay and invest in real estate (two hands and a key)
Nach Paraguay auswandern und in Immobilien investieren (zwei Hände und ein Schlüssel)

Even today, real estate and construction prices are very attractive.

So I’m here to help you find your future property at a better value for money.

Who I am ?

I am Charles, French and have been living in Paraguay for a few years

I propose to accompany you in the realization of your real estate project in Paraguay

I am mainly based in the area of Paraguarí and Guairá, especially in the area of:

This sector is part of the Central Eastern Region of Paraguay

The relief is more marked here than elsewhere with several peaks, ideal for beautiful hikes to discover waterfalls lost and hidden in the middle of this lush forest.

YbycuĂ­ is a quiet town that lives mainly from agriculture and marks the entrance to the YbycuĂ­ National Park.

This park is one of the most visited in Paraguay because of its easy access and the abundance of fauna (monkeys, coati, armadillos, birds …) and flora (orchids, bromeliads, endemic trees …) and its famous waterfalls “Salto Guarani” and “Salto Mina”.

Just a few kilometres from the park is the town of La Colmena, surrounded by green hills, woods and fields where fruit, vegetables and its famous bee honey are grown. La Colmena is the capital of fruit and vegetables. But it is also the oldest Japanese colony (1936). One of the tourist attractions of La Colmena is its waterfall the “Salto Cristal” (45m high) but also its rivers and white sand beaches in the heart of the forest.

The largest town in this department,Villarrica del EspĂ­ritu Santo, is 60 kilometres away. It is a modern university town with no less than 80 listed buildings of architectural interest.

Colonia Independencia, founded in 1919 by Germans, is about 20 kilometres from Villarrica. Colonia Independencia is a very extensive, clean and orderly town

Do not hesitate to browse through the properties that I propose to you in order to project yourself in Paraguay.

All the price ranges are exposed:

    • From a small plot of land in the city center

    • To a great Estancia

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